Sedation Dentistry

Are you fearful of going to the dentist? Let us help you end your dental anxiety.

Oral sedatives work effectively to sedate or relax, but their purpose is not to induce sleep during the dental procedure. It is not uncommon for patients to fall asleep or have a foggy memory of their visit, however, these are side effects of the medication and thus depend on the individual.  Oral sedatives work so that the patient is able to verbally and physically respond to cues from the doctor or team.

What To Expect During Conscious Oral Sedation

Routine dental visits are necessary to keep your mouth healthy and your smile beautiful. Yet, a significant number of Americans miss regular checkups out of dental fear.  Sedation dentistry can create a dental experience that is free from anxiety and pain for those who suffer from dental anxiety.

For over two decades our office has helped fearful patients reduce and even eliminate their dental anxieties through the administration of oral sedatives. We realize that when you are afraid of dental treatment, anticipating that something might hurt makes you hypersensitive to every sensation, even sound. With the aid of sedatives, your anxieties melt away, allowing you to be deeply relaxed during your dental procedure

Oral sedation dentistry can benefit a wide range of patients, including people with:


  • Dental anxiety
  • Fear of needles
  • A severe gag reflex
  • Extensive treatment needs
  • Time constraints, wanting to get more dentistry done in fewer visits
  • Difficulty getting numb
Laughing gas in Cary, NC

Oral sedatives are either swallowed whole in pill form or can be dissolved under the tongue. Many oral sedatives and anxiolytic medications have been developed through extensive research and testing to be used in the medical and dental field. They have a long safety record after decades of use. We will determine which oral sedation medication works best for you during your treatment consultation.

Dr. Leedy has received advanced certification in oral conscious sedation through the Academy of Dental and Medical Anesthesia and through the US Navy Advanced Education in General Dentistry Residency. He is permitted to administer oral sedatives through the NC State Board of Dental Examiners. His team has extensive experience working with sedation patients and must complete several hours of continuing education every year to maintain their sedation credentials.

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